Clinics for Infant Circumcision

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  1. For the first 24 hours, each time you change the baby's diaper, wrap a new gauze with vaseline around the penis.
  1. If you wish to bathe the baby tonight, just sponge bathe him and do not immerse him in water.  
  1. After 4 days, the baby may have a full bath.  
  1. If there is ever any significant bleeding, please call the clinic.
  1. Watch for signs of infection. You would see a yellow or green film which is wet and may have a bad odour. Please call me if this happens. It only needs to be treated with an ointment. It is normal to have a green or yellow film which is DRY and cannot be rubbed off. If you are not sure, please call.
  1. On day one, if the baby has been fed and changed, but will not settle down, you can give him a dose of baby's tylenol or tempra. The dose will vary according to age and weight and can be found on the bottle.
    If needed, you can repeat this dose once after six hours.
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