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Frequently asked questions


Q: What is the ideal age to do a circumcision?

A: The best time is between 5-12 days of age, although circumcisions are done at Alpha Medic clinic until 6 year of age. Since newborn babies are less aware, families should try their best to have circumcision done as close to this time period as possible

Q: What is the price for a circumcision ?

The price for a circumcision is $150 in cash or certified check.

Q: Is the mogen technic accepted by the muslim community ?

A: Yes, it is accepted by all communities, and it is universal.

Q: The gauze is  sticky and hard to be removed?

A: It is normal to use some force to pull off the gauze bandage. To make this easier, you can soak the gauze with warm water and Vaseline before pulling it off.

Q: The entire Vaseline gauze around the penis falls off before 24 hours.

A: This is not important. Reapply a gauze pad with Vaseline and place it on the penis until the 24 hours is up. Then, just use Vaseline as instructed for about four days.

Q: There is stool on the gauze around the penis or on the penis after the gauze is removed.

A: Try to clean it as best as you can using soapy water and then rinse it.

Q: When you take off the gauze, there is some bleeding.

A: A small amount of bleeding is normal. Take some gauze with Vaseline on it and squeeze the bleeding area of the penis with your fingers for two minutes.

Q: There is a piece of skin still attached to the head of the penis, or you can’t see the entire head of the penis.

A: If you are concerned, come back to have the baby examined.

Q: How long does it take for the circumcision to heal completely?

A: In babies under two months, it should heal completely in about four days. In older babies it may take one week.

Q: Does it hurt when the baby urinates?

A: It may hurt a little the first day, but after a day it should not be painful.

Q: What complications are possible from circumcision?

A: Complications are rare. Occasionally, there can be bleeding from the circumcision many hours after the procedure. This is treated by putting some pressure with a gauze on the penis for 2-3 minutes to close the oozing blood vessel. (This will be demonstrated to you by our staff). Very rarely, more serious bleeding can occur which may require a visit to the hospital. Infection is also a possible complication. It is extremely rare and can be associated with redness, pus, and a foul smell from the circumcision. It is treated by putting Polysporin five times a day on the penis which usually resolves any infection with one or two days.

Q: Are more serious complications possible i.e trauma to the penis?

A: Yes, they are possible; however, to date, there have never been any serious complications among our patients.

The Canadian Association of pediatric Medicine does not recommend the surgery as a routine in the absence of advantages out-weighting disadvantages.

Q: Will it hurt my baby?       

A: A study showed that pain control process is highly effective. Many babies can sleep right through the entire under 30 second procedure. Most babies experience little or no pain at all.

Q: What can I expect my baby to be like after the circumcision?

A: It is not unusual for a baby to sleep 6-8 hours after the procedure and to miss a feeding. Some babies will be irritable for a number of minutes to hours afterwards. Behaviourly, most babies are back to themselves by the next day or two.



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