Clinics for Infant Circumcision

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Here are some facts regarding circumcision.

• It decreases the risk of urinary tract infection.

• Circumcision has been shown to decrease the risk of cervical cancer in partners and penile cancer.

• It reduces the risk of penile infection also called balanoposthitis.

• Circumcision has been proven to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and AIDS (HIV).

• It eliminates the need to do it later in life when up to 10 % of boys will require a circumcision for various problems.

• It has been demonstrated by some studies that circumcised men have less risk of sexual dysfunction later in life.
Why do parents choose not to circumcise their sons?

• They are worried that they might be doing a procedure on an otherwise healthy baby that may cause pain and complications.

• They are not sure their son will wish that he had not been circumcised at a later time.

• They are not certain of the medical reasons to do a circumcision for their child who is otherwise healthy.





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